Did You Know?

“Hypnotic power words are used to evoke emotional responses and generally work well with most prospects.”

Here are some of the most powerful hypnotic words that can be used for your sales copy, web pages, or even while having a conversation.

The Power Words List:

Absolutely Alert Allure Amazing Appetizing Applause Approved Assured Astonishing Attention Attractive Authentic Automatically

Barnburner Beautiful Billboard Birth Blockbuster Bold Bonanza Boom Booming Bravo Breakthrough

Challenge Challenging Colossal Complete Comprehensive Compromise Confidential Conquer Crammed Crazy Critical Crucial

That Was Just A Small Snippet Of The Areas Covered That You’ll Read Inside Millions Through Mind Control

You’ll also discover…

How to harness the power to turn your prospects into buying customers with hypnotic words that will empower them to purchase, join, and hang onto every word on your web pages, newsletters, sales pages, speeches (and any other kind of communication).

How to use secret ’embed commands’ to plant a thought in the mind of another person (actually just beneath their conscious awareness). This can give you the power to direct people to take certain or specific actions.

How to gain the almost immediate trust of another person – This can be used in all situations using a highly covert ‘unconscious connection’ technique.

And a ton of other pretty powerful stuff.

Here’s something you probably did not know…

Over the years, I have used the strategies revealed inside of this report to write great headlines, create high converting sales letters and influence clients to hire me.

**Heck, for all you know – I could be using some of the tactics in the email you’re reading right now. 😉

Inside of this report, you’ll also discover little-known psychological trigger commands and visualization techniques that will appeal to the emotions of your prospects (done right these techniques work like a nuclear bomb in getting people to hunt down your order buttons).



These are the very same secret tactics advanced marketers are using to persuade their prospects to happily become customers, convince their existing customers to buy more stuff and transform their repeat customers into raving fans.

Lonnie Robinson
Lonnie Robinson

Who is Lonnie Robinson? Lonnie is a “Make More Sales” strategist. He designs profit pulling marketing systems that transform traffic into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into raving fans. For years, Lonnie has been working quietly behind the scene as the “secret weapon” for some of the world’s top internet business owners, coaching and building income machines for their clients.

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