Founded and Established in 2005, Robinson Infomedia is a 100% virtual digital marketing agency that is dedicated to providing profit pulling solutions to businesses large and small that are looking to harness the online super powers of sales funnel and web design, branding, social media, digital product and software development, project management, personal and business development coaching, and web hosting.

"OUR PHILOSOPHY: Learn. Create. Share."

Success leaves clues. The best business success practices can be learned by walking in the footsteps of proven mentors. We painstakingly seek out the super achievers, acquiring and absorbing their knowledge so that we can create an implementation plan and take the necessary steps towards developing solutions, tools and training that will produce long term sales and favorable results for our clients.

The Bottom Line is this...

Our belief is that our success can only be predicated on the success we create for our clients and our clients desire to share that success with as many other people they care about.

While other companies choose to focus the bulk of their time and money on advertising and acquiring new prospects and customers, we choose instead to invest in research and educating our team so that we can remain the best we can be for you.

We believe that every client deserves the right to understand the implicit and explicit processes needed in order to perform at the highest level possible, increase sales, scale their profits, and uncover their unique proposition that sets them apart from their competition.


We have the best team in the universe

...because they care about YOU!

Behind every successful brand, there is a team of thought leaders, go getters, and highly committed people who are thinking about YOU, the success of your business, and how they can improve themselves in order to best serve you.

We believe in our team and have the upmost confidence in their performance and their ability to bring creative skills, thoughts, and innovative cutting-edge ideas to the table.

Sheila Howard-Robinson
Chief Financial Officer

Roman Jancic
Chief Technology Officer

Kris Whitehead
Sales Manager

Anjeleigh Partridge
Support Goddess

Spencer (& Squirt)
Chief of Design

Software Developer


Graphic Designer


Your Digital Marketing Success CoPilot

Lonnie Robinson is the Founder and CEO of Robinson Infomedia.

He has been identified by his clients as a “Make More Sales” strategist because of his incredible ability to design and implement profit-pulling marketing systems that transform traffic into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans.

For years, Lonnie has been working quietly behind the scenes as the “secret weapon” for some of the world’s top internet business owners, effectively coaching and building income machines for their clients.

Now it's your turn to work with digital marketing's "Best of the Best!"