You’re probably wondering why I chose the “50 Shades” title and what it has to do with you and being broke?

It was inspired by the movie, “50 Shades of Grey”.

If you’ve watched the movie, “50 Shades of Grey” or even if you’ve never seen or heard of it, you may be wondering what the heck it has to do with 50 shades.

I’m not really into erotic romantic drama films, but I did make a couple of attempts to watch it. Both times I failed. As I said, I’m really not into the erotic romantic scene.

But I did l take away something valuable from the movie…

In the movie, the lead actor Christian Grey has a lot of facets to his personality. He can effectively go from gentleman one minute to S&M manic the next. The movie shows all shades of Grey’s character. Also, being that his last name is “Grey”, the title is a play on words.

The key to his success is the fact that he can effectively change his personality on the drop of a dime and still be at the top of his game, no matter what persona he is portraying.

Knowing that tidbit got me thinking about our industry and why so many entrepreneurs struggle and never really achieve the success they seek. They try to wear way too many hats, follow way too many systems, listen to way too many experts, and they change way too many lanes in their business.

In their pursuit of the formulas for achieving business excellence, most end up finding 50 ways to end up broke and losing the belief that this digital marketing stuff really works.

The Truth is…

It works when you harness the power of “ONE”.

Seriously. You can totally crush it in the business world when you take a deep breath and make the commitment to focus on ONE thing and see it to the end.

That’s the REAL Secret Sauce to success if there really is a secret.

How does the power of “ONE” work?


Lonnie Robinson
Lonnie Robinson

Who is Lonnie Robinson? Lonnie is a “Make More Sales” strategist. He designs profit pulling marketing systems that transform traffic into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into raving fans. For years, Lonnie has been working quietly behind the scene as the “secret weapon” for some of the world’s top internet business owners, coaching and building income machines for their clients.

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    • Lonnie Robinson

      Let me know what you think 🙂

    • Anthony D Carter

      Hey Lonnie, it’s me just checking to say this is awesome and this is why you are my coach/mentor.

      • Lonnie Robinson

        Thank You brother! It is an honor to work with you and be your friend.

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